About Us


Our roots begin when Mr. Sherman De Silva founded ‘Sherman De Silva & Company’.


Renamed to the more well-known “Sherman Sons Ltd’ it became a major exporter of spices, rubber and coconut in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Sherman De Silva’s son, Mr. Sanath De Silva,
the current chairman of Sherman Sons Ltd,
founded his own spice exporting company –
SDS Spices (Pvt) Ltd, which quickly grew to
become one of the largest exporters of cinnamon
and other spices in Sri Lanka.


Following their generations of expertise in the
cinnamon industry, and having a great passion for
understanding the true value of Ceylon cinnamon
and developing innovative techniques to amplify
its potency, SaaraLabs was incorporated as a
subsidiary of SDS Spices (Pvt) Ltd, and the brand
SaaraLife came to be.