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A 100% natural Ceylon Cinnamon extract for a healthier heart and a healthier life.

  • Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Improves lipid metabolism
  • Helps to maintain blood sugar level
  • Helps to improve immunity
  • Patent Pending
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  • Ayurveda Department Registred Product
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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for OptiHeart®

  1. Chula

    No side effects unlike western medicine. So this is my choice.

  2. Tania

    Highly recommended if you are gluten intolerant and suffer from bloating.

  3. Malini

    Good product! Really helped with my pressure!

  4. Russel kroon

    Good product

  5. Hiruni Soysa

    After a month of taking this, my cholesterol levels have come down to almost normal. Plus, love the cinnamon aftertaste!

  6. Anoma

    Pleasantly surprised when my arthritis pains also reduced along with my cholesterol. Highly recommend.

  7. Jayantha R

    I started taking these to help with my blood glucose after being told I was type 2-diabetic. After a few weeks of use, and exercise, I’ve noticed my blood glucose numbers going down. I only take one capsule per day.

  8. Darren A

    I was impressed that this was a research backed product so I bought to try it. My cholesterol levels have reduced after 1.5 months of taking it. It is a reliable product

  9. P.C. Navaratne

    My Triglyceride level was slightly high and my doctor said that I could try this. After 2 months it has come down from 217 to 153.

  10. Achala Perera

    කොලෙස්ටෙරෝල් වලට හොඳයි කියලා ඩොක්ට කෙනෙක් ගන්න කිව්වා මෙගේ ටිකක් වැඩිවෙලා තියෙනවා කියලා. මාසයක් වගේ දිගටම ගද්දි අඩුවෙලා තිබ්බා. Thank you SaaraLife!

  11. Minula Samarakoon

    I started using this when I had cholesterol and LDL. Used the products for 3 months and managed to get the cholesterol levels back to normal. Can highly recommend the product.

  12. Varuna Rathnayake

    I only took one capsule a day and after about two months of taking it consistently, my cholesterol levels normalised. Haven’t seen any side effects either except for a bit of gassiness when I first started taking it, which went away after the first couple of times. I recommend.

  13. Ruvini H

    I started my father on this about 3 months ago, and he says he feels better. Cholesterol levels have reduced by a little bit, but mainly the joint stiffness he used to have is very less now, and he can play golf more comfortably. He is very happy with the product.

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What does OptiHeart do?
  1. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood preassure levels.
  2. Improves lipid metabolisom.
  3. Overall support which benefits blood sugar levels.
When is the best time to take OptiHeart?

Half an hour before meals twice daily.

How long do I have to take OptiHeart to see results?

We recommend taking OptiHeart for 8-12 weeks to start seeing good results.

Can I continue taking OptiHeart long term?

Absolutely. You can take OptiHeart as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

How does the proprietery Ceylon Cinnamon extract in OptiHeart compare against traditional Ceylon Cinnamon powder?

The standardized extract of Ceylon Cinnamon in OptiHeart is more potent/effective than Cinnamon powder. This is done to ensure that every dose of OptiHeart will give you the optimum amount of actives than taking normal Cinnamon Powder. SaaraLife OptiHeart is standardized to Proanthocyanidins, a compound known for its heart health benefits.

What are Proanthocynidins?

Proanthocyanidins are a class of polyphenols found in some plants. Over the years, this potent nutrient has been linked to a number of important health benefits such as cardiovascular support.

Do I need a prescription from a doctor to buy OptiHeart?

No. SaaraLife OptiHeart is sold Over the Counter (OTC).


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